Solera National Bank
Technology Updates

We are working on a complete upgrade to our Bank Operating System. With that comes a host of new features and streamlined functionality!

This maintenance will be completed in early August 2023. We're excited to provide you a new experience, improved security and better flexibility to manage your financial well-being!

Please be aware that we are experiencing high call volume in our customer support center due to questions about this upgrade. We are working to address each call to the support team.

Revised: August 8, 2023

General FAQs

How do I log into the Online Banking Portal?

First, lets establish a little foundation. If you have accessed your online banking portal in the past 12 months, you can utilize your existing username. Please be aware that the username is case sensitive and cannot contact a " " (space) or a "~". If your password did contain one or both of these characters, it has simply been removed from your username.

Your password will need to be reset as part of your initial sign on after this conversion. The step by step below will help you through the process of using your temporary password and creating your personalized password.

The online banking portal is available at Once there you will be prompted for your username. If you don't have one, please feel free to go through the enrollment process!

We have set a temporary password for your online banking portal access. It is a combination your 5 digit postal code and the last 4 digits of your TIN (Tax Identification Number) or SSN (Social Security Number). The TIN vs SSN will depend upon which entity you opened your account with (a Business Account or a Self Directed retirement account will use a TIN). It will be in the format of PPPPPTTTT where P represents your postal code and T represents the last 4 digits of your TIN or SSN.

As shown below, the next step will be a prompt to update the password to something more secure and personalized to you. We would recommend a completely random password stored in your device password vault. As shown below, you'll also not your "Current Password" is that temporary password mentioned above. Once you have updated the fields on this step as required, click the "Update Password" button.

The next step of the process will be to provide a level of two factor authentication via the phone number we have on record. As you can see below, we elected to have a text sent to our device. Selecting a phone call from one of the numbers listed is also an acceptable means of validation. We will call you with the validation code rather than sending the text message.

Below, we confirm the phone number associated (and already on file) with the account. Once input, please push continue.

The final step is inputting the received code in the box. Again, depending upon the method of validation you chose, you will have received a text message or a phone all with this code.

How do I log into the new Solera National Bank Mobile App?

Once you have logged into our online banking portal via a web browser, logging into the mobile app is really easy. First things first, if you haven't already you should delete the previous version of the Solera National Bank mobile application.

Once the previous app is removed, you can install the mobile apps. For your convenience the new apps are linked below.

With the apps installed and your Online Banking Portal access established you can open the app and log in with the same credentials you utilize with the Online Banking Portal. You may also enable the "Save my User ID" or Biometric authentication options depending made available by your device capabilities.

As with the Online Banking Portal, because we are establishing a new access method, we require second factor of authentication. We will call or text you with that additional code depending on your device, the account configuration and your choice in the app as shown below.


Because this is a new application, we have a new set of End User Terms that you must review and agree to. Once you have reviewed these terms, you may accept them by clicking on the "Accept" link in the top right of the view.

As is common in most mobile apps, Solera National Bank offers multiple methods of notifications. You may add your phone number to enroll. Once the field is populated on this view, you can continue by pressing the "Enroll" button in the top right of the view as demonstrated below.

Our application does provide a brief explanation of a few key features. We would advise you to review the new features but feel free to come back and review this later (top right) or skip them (available in the top right).


Once you have completed the initial Application configuration, you should be all set with the standard App view as shown below. It would be our recommendation that you take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with the app. As mentioned previously, the Mobile App and the Online Banking Portal are tied together heavily. Changes to your account in the Online Banking Portal are very likely to impact your experience in your Mobile App.

When will this maintenance take place?

The maintenance will follow the schedule below:

Friday 08-04-2023
Monday 08-07-2023
5:00pm MDT
9:00am MDT
What systems will be impacted?

There are few systems that will be impacted. There may be additional information various posts below:

1. The Online Banking Platform will be updated completely. It will be unavailable during the upgrade.

2. Online Bill Payment will be updated and unavailable during the upgrade

3. Mobile Applications (both Android and iOS) will be updated and existing apps will not function throughout the conversion process.

4. The ATM network may be intermittently impacted throughout the mainteance window.

5. Any Point of Sales systems provided by and linked to your Solera National Bank accounts may see intermittent instability.

What is changing?
  • The Online Banking Portal - A new one is coming!

  • The Online Bill Payments and the Bill Payment Management interface

  • Any previous Bill Payments you have configured

  • Your usernames and passwords for the Online Banking Portal and Mobile Application(s)

  • The Android and iOS mobile apps - new versions will be available soon!
  • What is not changing?
  • Your account number(s)

  • Our routing number(s)
  • What's in it for me?
  • This change will help us grow into the future and respond to your needs more quickly!

  • The Online Banking Portal will be much more robust. The available features will remain the same but should come with more modern interactivity and ease of use.

  • The Android and iOS mobile apps will receive a full refresh. Their interfaces will be updated and be more modern and familiar. The new apps will need to be downloaded from the App store during the business day on Monday August 7th.

  • Apple Pay and Mobile Wallet will be added to the new Solera National Bank Mobile apps!

  • Self Direct Retirement Customers will benefit from our new ability to build tools to help them manage their retirement accounts and investments quickly.
  • What's next?

  • Check back here regularly for updates.
  • We will also send email and SMS messages as these updates become available.
  • Where can I download the new apps?

    Online and Mobile Banking FAQs

    When will the maintenance happen?

    The conversion will begin on the evening of Friday August 4, 2023 at 5:00p.m. MDT.

    The length of the process is somewhat variable on the new Online Banking Portal. We anticipate access to be restored during the early morning of Monday, August 7, 2023.

    Links on the official website will be updated when the Portal becomes available.

    The new online portal won't accept my old password. What can I do?

    There are few things potentially impacting your experience:

    1. Passwords set in the previous portal will not be migrated. You will need to log in via a browser (on your desktop computer or on your mobile device). Your new, temporary password will be your postal code plus the last four digits of your TIN.

    2. Your Online Banking Portal and Mobile App access are tied together. If you haven't logged in to the Online Banking Platform in the last 12 months, your account will not be migrated and you will have to re-enroll in>

    When I attempt to log in to the Online Banking Portal, I am being prompted to update my phone number. Is this normal?

    Yes it is. Because your phone number is a critical component to secure your account AND communicate with you, you may be prompted to update it on your intial login.

    The Online Banking Port is asking for multiple authentication credentials after I've already logged in. Why?

    New security features and protocols built in to our Online Banking Portal may require extended authentication if you have recently change geographic locations or internet connections through which you have historically logged in to the Online Banking Portal.

    The new mobile app will not accept my existing password or pin. Is there a trick?

    There are few things potentially impacting your experience.

    1. You need to ensure you have installed the right app. Our previous one needs to be deleted and the new version needs to be installed.

    2. You need to successfully log into our new Online Banking Portal prior to attempting to log in to the new app.

    3. Your Online Banking Portal and Mobile App access are tied together. If you haven't logged in to the Online Banking Platform in the last 12 months, your account will not be migrated and you will have to re-enroll in the Online banking platform.

    4. The mobile app will only accept an invalid PIN three times before the user will be locked out of the App for 24 hours.

    I am not receiving my text Two Factor authentication when I request it. What can I do?

    As you might imagine, mobile carriers have a hard time routing and filtering text messages and making sure you get desired texts and not the junk. One trick is to request your mobile carrier whitelise our Two Factor Authenticator short code. You can do this by texting "9999" with "Allow 32858".

    With the change to the Online Banking Portal, will there be changes to Bill Pay services?

    Yes, there are a couple of changes to be aware of here. Bill pay schedules will change from a "delivery" date to a "scheduled" date system. In short, you will schedule a date for when the payment is to be cut and an estimated delivery date will be provided when you schedule it.

    A new feature will be added to the Mobile Apps. Through this feature, you will be able to manage your payees through the Moble App!

    Payees have many ways they can vary. These variances make migrating payees difficult and some of your payess may not convert properly. We suggest you log in to the Online Bill Pay platform and confirm or correct any discrepancies amongst your payees whent the portal becomes available.

    What about statements during this conversion?

    Statements will be cut on 7-31-2023 for the month of July, 2023.

    Because this conversion will start on 8-4-2023, a statement reflecting 8-1-2023 through 8-4-2023 will be mailed to the address we have on file.

    Statements cut on 8-31-2023 and availabe in the mobile app will reflect 8-5-2023 through 8-31-2023. Statements will then reflect their regular cadence and schedule.

    I have nicknamed my accounts within the Online Banking Portal. Will they transfer?

    Unfortunately, they may not transfer.

    Are there new features in the mobile apps?

    The entire app experience will be updated. You will want to delete the existing app if you have it installed and install the new app. Here are a few of the new features:

    1. Apple Pay and Mobile Wallet

    2. Bill Pay Management from within the Mobile Apps

    Are there any change in requirements for eWires??


    To ensure a higher standard in compliance and security, we will be asking an additional piece of information customers initiate a wire transfer through eWire. After the upgrade you will notice that we have added a new field requiring the purpose of the wire transfer.

    Cash Management FAQs

    I have Wire or ACH templates configured will these be converted to the new operating system?

    Unfortunately, wire and ACH templates that you have created previously will not make it through this conversion. You will need to recreate your templates once you have access to our new online banking platform. We would recommend that you log in to the online banking portal and make a record of your existing templates before August 4th.

    Solera National Bank has sent international wire transfers for me in the past. Will this change?

    There will be a slight change to the process. Solera will continue to offer this feature but the process to request an international wire transfer will change. Historically, you could use our Online Banking Portal to request these transfers using the messaging platform. We have worked to formalize the process and you can now utilize the wire transfer initiation form to make this request.

    Our business has had multiple sub-user for the online banking portal. Will these users transfer?

    Yes! These sub-users will transfer. However, given previous usage, they may no longer be enabled once your account is processed through conversion. We would advise you to log in to the online banking portal once it is available and confirm your sub-users are active. We would also encourage you to remove any unnecessary or unused sub-user accounts.